Thursday, July 3, 2008

Obama's Faith-Based Initiative: 4 More Years of Bush

The far left is going nuts over Barack Obama's promise to "enhance" and extend George Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives (See Full Story). They can't believe that Obama is even thinking about inserting "God" into a territory where "He" has never been allowed before: The far left of politics. Oh, my God (or whoever or whatever the left believes in)!

What the left doesn't seem to understand is that Barack Obama has to drag his extremely left-ladened body to the center because he can't be President without courting some independents and some of those moderates on the right. So, this is Barack's attempt to "woo" some of those "clinging to their bibles (and guns)" crowd: the religious right. (I suspect Obama will have to take a "shower" after this!)

After spending months running for his nomination and having promised a near trillion dollars in "goodies" to those on the left, he will now try to use up the remainder of that trillion dollars with some goodies for those in the center and moderate right.

Stand back! The Obama "gravy train" is coming your way!

Unless you're "rich" or in business for yourself or are a corporate entity, you should be getting your "vote buying" promises soon from the man (Obama) who promises everything to most everybody. It is the supreme populist message that most Democrats love to use to lure your votes. It's just the same "old thyme Democratic politics" of tax and spend.

No new "change" in politics, here! Right, Mr. Obama!

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