Sunday, July 27, 2008

Europe Loves Obama

Well, the eagle has landed! That's right. Barack Obama is now back in America from the Middle East and Europe.

Did they love Obama in Europe or what?

So, why so much love for a guy who has only limited experience in government and, especially, foreign policy? You have to know that they would just love him for no other reason other than he will get America out of Iraq. After all, the Germans and the French have always been peeved, big-time, after breaking up their cozy business relationship with Saddam Hussein.

Maybe Europe loves him because of his commitment to bigger and bigger corporate taxation? That should help those European Union and less-taxed companies like Bayer and Airbus to increase their sales in this country. Maybe it's because Obama will clamp down on free trade agreements which, too, should make European products an easier sell in other countries? Maybe they love Obama because they see him as weakening our military power through nuclear disarmament and through the blocking of missile defense and other advanced programs? Europe has always hated our position in this world as a military superpower!

I think they love Obama because he appears to be the "European" President of the United States that they have "always" been waiting for. A socialist. A man who can break America's strangle-hold on low unemployment. A President who will dampen capitalism. A President who will leave the bad guys of the world, like North Korea and Iran, alone to do their bad little things. No more cowboy as President! A President who they think can turn America into a social morass of one failing big-government social program after another; just like Europe. That's why I think they love him!

Image by Matt Ortega's photostream on Flickr with Creative Commons Licensing (Click to View Other Works).

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